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It always comes back to Mysterious ways.

I was speaking to a Christian friend of mine and as we often do, we started discussing religion. We agree on many things in life, but religion isn’t one of them. On this hot day in July, with cold beers in our hands, I asked my friend, “So why does God allow evil in this world? Why does he allow unnecessary suffering?”

To this, my pious pal proclaimed, “Free Will my friend. Free Will. God didn’t want us to be robots. He wanted us to freely choose to come to him.”

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Religious Football

This entry is a special one. It’s a draft version of a chapter from the book I’m writing, note I said draft copy. The book is essentially taking the Memecards, like the one below, that I’ve become known for and expanding on them. I am considering having the memecards printed on actual cards to be sold with the book. Astute Cultists will notice the Memecard below is different than the original Religious Football card I made. The original was made a long time ago and upon rewriting it to put the new logo on it I felt it needed some tweaking.

As always, comments and thoughts are welcome, and I don’t mind if you point out grammatical or spelling errors since it is s draft version.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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Why I debate theists on Twitter

Note: This was originally published on my Blogspot blog on November 9, 2014, but has been updated when posted here.

Let’s just get this out of the way—I debate theists on Twitter a lot. A LOT. Anyone that follows me on Twitter (@Atheist_Eh @CultOfEh) knows this. Not just theists though, I’ve debated atheists on subjects before too, which I always enjoy. Point is, I debate on Twitter a lot.

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Practical Atheism

Note: Originally published on my Blogspot Blog on May 7, 2015.

Let’s ruffle some atheist feathers.

For all practical purposes, the statements “I disbelieve god(s) exist” and “I believe God doesn’t exist” are basically the same statement & any differences between them are purely semantic and don’t change the overall meaning from any practical perspective.  Further to this, “I know God doesn’t exist” is, again, for all practical purposes, the same as saying “I believe God doesn’t exist”. Any differences between the above statements are epistemological mind games that have no practical bearing on our daily lives & from what I’ve seen in the atheist Twitter community, the main purpose of these games is to avoid the burden of proof.

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The Cult of Eh™ is looking to grow

A new blog, now hosted by WordPress, a new twitter handle, @CultOfEh, and a new (old) dream. A dream I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time but never had the intestinal fortitude to take the necessary risks nor the self-confidence to think I could pull it off.

What is this dream? Exactly what I’m doing right now. Writing, blogging, creating, call it what you will. It’s really all of them. It started with finally getting going on a yet to be finished & published book expanding on the logical arguments against God that I most frequently use on Twitter but aiming to use everyday, more accessible language than you often find in philosophy or academic books (Let’s be clear, I am not an academic, I’m just a moderately smart guy that apparently has a knack for writing things in ways others wish they could; I’ve been told this many, many times). Add on lots and lots of support and encouragement from my Cultists over at Twitter seems to have light a fire under my ass and boosted my confidence enough to push forward.

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