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Why I debate theists on Twitter

Note: This was originally published on my Blogspot blog on November 9, 2014, but has been updated when posted here.

Let’s just get this out of the way—I debate theists on Twitter a lot. A LOT. Anyone that follows me on Twitter (@Atheist_Eh @CultOfEh) knows this. Not just theists though, I’ve debated atheists on subjects before too, which I always enjoy. Point is, I debate on Twitter a lot.

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Practical Atheism

Note: Originally published on my Blogspot Blog on May 7, 2015.

Let’s ruffle some atheist feathers.

For all practical purposes, the statements “I disbelieve god(s) exist” and “I believe God doesn’t exist” are basically the same statement & any differences between them are purely semantic and don’t change the overall meaning from any practical perspective.  Further to this, “I know God doesn’t exist” is, again, for all practical purposes, the same as saying “I believe God doesn’t exist”. Any differences between the above statements are epistemological mind games that have no practical bearing on our daily lives & from what I’ve seen in the atheist Twitter community, the main purpose of these games is to avoid the burden of proof.

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