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Spiffy Ehward

img_6875The Spiffy Ehwards are THE most highly sought after and prestigious Ehward to be found on the Interwebs. You know this to be true because you just read that it is true.

It comes with no cash award or any other benefits beyond bragging rights, but that is more valuable than any amount of money or silly statue. Winners are encouraged to put it on their resumes as it will almost certainly make you a more appealing candidate to prospective employers.

Nah, just kidding. It’s my unique (& admittedly dorky) way of giving a shout out to people I find amazing. I used to do extensive #FF lists on Twitter but they became so clogged with amazing people that I was spamming the Cultists timelines with 40+ #FF lists. It became unsustainable for me and annoying for many of you. I’d rather draw attention to one specific person at a time. I think it is more personal and meaningful and really forces me to think about who the truly Top Notch Cultists are.

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The Cult of Eh™ is looking to grow

A new blog, now hosted by WordPress, a new twitter handle, @CultOfEh, and a new (old) dream. A dream I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time but never had the intestinal fortitude to take the necessary risks nor the self-confidence to think I could pull it off.

What is this dream? Exactly what I’m doing right now. Writing, blogging, creating, call it what you will. It’s really all of them. It started with finally getting going on a yet to be finished & published book expanding on the logical arguments against God that I most frequently use on Twitter but aiming to use everyday, more accessible language than you often find in philosophy or academic books (Let’s be clear, I am not an academic, I’m just a moderately smart guy that apparently has a knack for writing things in ways others wish they could; I’ve been told this many, many times). Add on lots and lots of support and encouragement from my Cultists over at Twitter seems to have light a fire under my ass and boosted my confidence enough to push forward.

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