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If Religion was a science experiment

Note: This was originally published on my Blogspot blog on July 18, 2013.

Just imagine for a second that the search for the gods is a giant science experiment. In this experiment, the various Religions throughout time have been the ‘tests’ humans have been conducting to try and prove their own god-theory and/or falsify other peoples god-theories; almost like a peer review.

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It always comes back to Mysterious ways.

I was speaking to a Christian friend of mine and as we often do, we started discussing religion. We agree on many things in life, but religion isn’t one of them. On this hot day in July, with cold beers in our hands, I asked my friend, “So why does God allow evil in this world? Why does he allow unnecessary suffering?”

To this, my pious pal proclaimed, “Free Will my friend. Free Will. God didn’t want us to be robots. He wanted us to freely choose to come to him.”

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