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About Eh

I am a humble Canadian father of 4 kids with a passion for discussing religion and theology in general. I'd say I am an amateur philosopher with a knack for translating logical arguments into everyday language. I'm working at writing my first non-fiction book on atheism as well as a fantasy novel in addition to my blogging and tweeting. I have plans for a YouTube channel, but thats the next project after I get my blog going strong.

Atheism destroyed?

Why is it that anytime I see someone say, “atheism destroyed”, they always end up presenting really weak arguments? Watch the below video and let me know in the comments what you think about Pastor Greg’s ideas on atheism.

Here are my thoughts.

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An open letter to Jesus Christ


Today’s post is inspired by a Twitter thread I did last month. if you want to read it, start here.

Today, I’ve written an open letter to Jesus since he has never gotten back to any of my prayers, yet people keep insisting he’s interested in a “personal relationship” with me.

I’d ask you share this with your friends and family so that hopefully someone that knows him can send him the link.

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Can a Christian be an atheist?

atheism-2-black-on-whiteTo follow up on my last post, Can a Hindu be an atheist?, I’m going to
explore the idea of whether an atheist can also be a Christian. It seems Greta Vosper feels its possible.

To Quote Greta:

“God is a metaphor for goodness and love lived out with compassion and justice, no more and no less.” – Greta Vosper

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Can a Hindu be an atheist?

What is the first thing you think about when you think about Hinduism?

If you are anything like I was a couple years ago, you’d think, “A polytheistic Religion with millions of gods.”

If you are anything like I was a couple years ago, you’d only be sort of right.
I used to use the Memecard below a lot on Twitter:


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“Make America Great Again”


I don’t think I’ll do many political posts, I find politics to be an even worse divider than religion, with the added horror that I don’t know politics as well as I do religion. I tend to be a non-party specific centrist (so in American terms, I’m a far left-wing socialist commie), but in Canadian terms, it means I agree with some policies of both the Canadian left and less left parties.

I had to make an exception with this one. The above video is just too damn funny. Go watch it, I’ll wait.

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Teaching methods

How Evolution Works

This video, embedded above, was a really cool way to explain evolution. This post isn’t so much about evolution itself as it is, per the title, about teaching methods. I personally find animations such as this one to be a highly effective method of conveying information, especially ones that have the potential for controversy.

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