First, please note that the name “Cult of Eh” and any and all references to stereo-typical cult like behavior or features is meant to be ironic satire.

I am a 40 something Canadian father of 4 kids: 3 boys and a girl. My oldest has Autism & my second youngest has ADHD. In addition, I might have 1 or both and am in the process of finding out which, if either.

I’m attempting to start a full time career as a writer and Internet content provider on various platforms. I was a casualty of the oil & gas industry turndown in Alberta but I was never happy in my job, they just paid me ridiculous amounts of money considering I don’t have Secondary education: in short, I had Golden Handcuffs on. Since they broke the cuffs for me, I’m hoping to escape and find freedom and happiness, even if that means making less money. It will also mean seeing my family more and being able to support my wife at home instead of abandoning her for 12-13 hours a day to deal with 4 kids, 2 with special needs.

As with ever creator, I hope to create things I am passionate about. Religion and Theology have always been a topic I’ve enjoyed researching and discussing and is something I have become quite knowledgeable in. In addition, I am working on a fantasy novel and have plans to start a YouTube channel and Podcast.

I consider myself to be somewhat of an amateur philosopher, but to be honest, I don’t read a lot of philosophy books as I prefer to do my own thinking. Some will mock this but that’s fine. The thing is, when I do delve into famous philosophical writings, I often find that my logical conclusions match theirs, which tells me I’m doing something right. This probably sounds arrogant. Oh well.

If you like my Blog, Twitter feed, other content, or just want to help pay for my beard balm to keep my beard looking beardiful and manly, please consider becoming a Patreon. If even 1/10th of my twitter followers donated a $1 a month, I’d make enough to do this full time. If 1/2 did, I could fund any number of other creative pursuits that you all may enjoy, as well as make some significant donations to charities; which is very important to me.

A HUGE thank you in advance for anyone dumb enough…err, thoughtful and kind enough, to support my dreams of becoming a published Author, blogger, YouTuber, etc.


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Keep drinking the Kool-aid.