Spiffy Ehward

img_6875The Spiffy Ehwards are THE most highly sought after and prestigious Ehward to be found on the Interwebs. You know this to be true because you just read that it is true.

It comes with no cash award or any other benefits beyond bragging rights, but that is more valuable than any amount of money or silly statue. Winners are encouraged to put it on their resumes as it will almost certainly make you a more appealing candidate to prospective employers.

Nah, just kidding. It’s my unique (& admittedly dorky) way of giving a shout out to people I find amazing. I used to do extensive #FF lists on Twitter but they became so clogged with amazing people that I was spamming the Cultists timelines with 40+ #FF lists. It became unsustainable for me and annoying for many of you. I’d rather draw attention to one specific person at a time. I think it is more personal and meaningful and really forces me to think about who the truly Top Notch Cultists are.

Occasionally, as I did with the Inaugural Ehward, I’ll get people to vote on Twitter, but I’ll still be picking the nominEhtions and all will be worthy of the Ehward in my eyes.

won the Inaugural Spiffy Ehward, beating out

I’m pretty sure the other 3 will eventually get their own Ehwards as they are all deserving. I’ll just wait for a particularly brilliant tweet from them.

The latest Spiffy winner is
 for his annual Loon of the Year contest he runs. He puts a lot of work into this and I can only imagine the mental anguish he suffers having to sift through all the crazy he does to find and pick nominees.

Good luck Cultists, keep drinking the Kool-aid, be awesome and be nice to one another and maybe you too will find yourself the proud owner of a Spiffy!

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