Facts vs. Faith 

Many theists, especially Christians, are fond of touting the value of having faith. Many go so far as to say, “Facts don’t count.” like on this church sign:


The Priests, Pastors, and clergy in general of the Christian faith have always pushed faith as being paramount. I think they do this because they know they don’t have any facts that truly support their claims. I mean, if they did have facts, they’d undoubtedly use them.

For example, any time new archeological evidence is found to support anything in the bible, Christians try to use it as “proof” the bible is accurate. If they had evidence or facts that were a “smoking gun” they’d definitely use it, but they don’t know and didn’t hundreds of years ago. This led them to push faith as being more important and strikes me as being dishonest.

It’s very much like how theists of all stripes try to claim that because there are scientists that are also believers that somehow science supports their god claims. What they fail to think about or mention, is that none of these theistic scientists ever write scientific papers about their religions with plans to get them published in peer-reviewed journals. They might write a book about how they feel science supports their religion, but the fact they don’t submit their ideas for peer review and instead sell them to the masses, tells us everything we need to know about how confident they are in their ideas being correct. They are willing to make money off selling books, but unwilling to honestly test these ideas (probably because they know doing so would have a negative impact on their book sales).

It seems that the truth to the matter is that “faith in God is paramount in the face of contradictory facts, but when facts are available to support, no matter how tenuously, one’s religion then those facts become paramount”.

I can’t help but think about Snake Oil salesmen.

For those interested, the below tweet is the start of the thread that inspired this post.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid and be nice to one another.

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