“Make America Great Again”


I don’t think I’ll do many political posts, I find politics to be an even worse divider than religion, with the added horror that I don’t know politics as well as I do religion. I tend to be a non-party specific centrist (so in American terms, I’m a far left-wing socialist commie), but in Canadian terms, it means I agree with some policies of both the Canadian left and less left parties.

I had to make an exception with this one. The above video is just too damn funny. Go watch it, I’ll wait.

*whistles a tune*

You back? Great! What did I tell you? HEE-LARRY-US!!

Here are some of my favorite gems from it:

“At the sock-hop, we would dance the night away, when raping your date was A-OK.”

“Your husband rarely hit ch’ya, and that was ace”

“Black, Jews and Mexican’s knew their place.”

“Our flag was flyin’ high as an eagle, schools were segregated, child labor was legal.”

“Five cent popcorn at the picture show, dyin’ prematurely of polio.”

“Every Indian boy got a smallpox blanket”

“You could hang your slave from a cottonwood tree, in the good ol’days when we all were free.”

That is the America that a lot of Donald Trumps supporters are wishing to go back to and in two days we get to see if America takes a giant step backward or continues the forward momentum started by Barrack Obama.

From one Canadian to America, you are Great right now, but electing a chump like Trump will ruin all of the International Good Will Obama has built up in the last 8 years. Sure, your relations will Russia will get exponentially better overnight, but is that what you want?

Until next time, keep drinking the Koo-aid.

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