Homeschool org shut down

Christian Home School organization Wisdom Home School was recently shut down by the Alberta Department of Education for apparent financial irregularities. This is, to me, good news. As many of you know, we homeschool our two oldest kids (3rd goes to play school, might go to public school, 4th is TBD), but we strive for a secular education. We aim to ensure they will be able to compete with other kind devices their age.

I’ll write about why we homeschool in another post, for now, let’s just say I wish there was better oversight of Homeschooling everywhere. In this article, the main interviewee mentioned she was taught evolution was false. This is very common with Homeschool families & is a specific area I wish was regulated more. Kids need to learn proper science. We can’t leave their education up to the personal beliefs & opinions of parents.

Yes, parents have special rights over their own children, but these children will, hopefully, become adults & expected to contribute to society. Therefore, we as a society, need to decide if we are okay with a subset of our population coming into adulthood with a subpar education that is likely to further propagate their false opinions & beliefs.

It’s funny though, Creationists are always fighting to get their myth into science class, to “teach the controversy”, but they never do that with their own kids. It’s almost like what they really want is their beliefs to be taught instead of well-founded science.

I for one, am glad this charade off an educational organization has been shut down. I know that even if it’s permanent, the organizers will likely open up under a different name, but even a temporary victory is better than no victory.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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