Ancient music

I just watched/listened to this video. It was haunting.

I could envision ancient hominids lounging about in a cave, a crackling fire keeping them warm, their freshly killed game slowly cooking over the fire as their resident Bard played music on the finely crafted bone flute to entertain them.

I can see them chatting in whatever language they used, laughing and telling stories as the music echoed about the chamber. Children listening, enraptured by the sweet sounds.

When I think back to our ancient ancestors, I often think about the struggle to survive. The hunt for food. The need to find shelter away from the rain and snow.

I’ve never really let myself think about what they did during the hours when everything was calm. The quiet evenings after they have found shelter, whether it was temporary or more permanent, had food to eat and were in a safe place. To think of them relaxing, talking, enjoying music…that is a paradigm shift in my brain. A welcome one, but still one to absorb and ponder more deeply.

Our actual history is so rich and full of wonder. I don’t need ancient myths to feel awe. I simply need to think back to the struggles our ancestors went through in order to survive. How sweet and delicious the moments of peace filled with music and laughter must have been? These are moments modern humans take for granted.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.



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