Are lifeforms just super-efficient entropy machines?

Start by reading this and this. Both articles present ideas on how life and entropy may be interconnected. I find this incredibly fascinating. It also makes a lot of sense from a layman’s perspective.

Think about it. Pretty much every aspect of life is part of an intricate system that reduces complex mass and energy into less complex mass & energy. In other words…entropy.

A creature at the top of the food chain eats a smaller creature, reducing its complexity, turning it into kinetic energy (movement), heat energy (for warm-blooded creatures anyway), electricity (coursing through our nervous system) and likely many other ways. Whatever is left, it excretes as waste products. These waste products are then broken down further by bacteria.

It’s really incredible to think about.

The second article, discussing how consciousness might be a product of entropy, is just trippy. I’m still digesting that one but it seems to fit with the idea that we, as in life, are just super-efficient entropy machines.

I can hear the theists jumping on this already talking about “no grand purpose” if this is true. I came to terms with the idea we have no grand purpose in the universe a long time ago. The fact there is no grand purpose to life makes our localized purpose even more important since it’s the only purpose we have.

I know theists will also try to claim this idea would mean morality doesn’t exist. Which is, to put it bluntly, hogwash. This new idea doesn’t change the reality we experience, or that morality is a part of our consciousness.

We still live & experience our lives and the fact we are conscious, moral agents doesn’t change. This new idea simply offers a possible explanation on how & why life formed.

I find this idea fascinating & far more interesting than any creationist myth. It’s simply awe-inspiring to think that we might be one of the universe’s entropy “tools”. We are one of the universe’s ways of destroying itself…you want to talk about a grand purpose?

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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