Religion harms children

Sadly, here I am discussing yet another story of a person’s religious belief harming a child. An evangelical Christian woman beat her son with a coat hanger leaving 36 vicious bruises. There’s a graphic image of the child’s back in the linked story.

I know not every child abuser does it for religious reasons, some are just abusive assholes, nor are all religious people child abusers. However, that doesn’t excuse or change the fact that certain religious beliefs are undoubtedly the reason behind some child abuse. Whataboutery won’t change this.

If these religious beliefs didn’t exist, I am confident there would be fewer children getting abused. It would also help reduce less severe corporal punishment like spanking and there is no downside to that scenario. A newly released 50-year long study has shown spanking to be nearly as harmful as the abuse found in this case.

Once again, science has debunked yet another ancient religious belief. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” is just one more incorrect and immoral instruction found in the two biggest religions on earth & versions can be found in others too. This horrendous belief has lead people to beat children for thousands of years. How many stories have you heard of the scary old nun at a religious school beating the children with rulers & belts? Makes me shudder.

Putting the emotional response to this aside, this is yet another nail in the coffin of the “Biblical inerrancy” belief. The problem with claiming something is perfect is that one single flaw destroys the claim. This means that if you’ve come up with rationalizations to excuse the many other known flaws & errors in the Bible, you have yet another one to try & explain away.

I’d put this one in the same vile category as “slavery apologetics” & “rape apologetics

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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