Belief in Heaven kills

This story is horrific.

A mother killed her two children to “protect them from a traumatized life”. Apparently, she gave them a choice, “Live traumatized like her, or go to heaven.”

There is no other conclusion to draw other than, “Belief in Heaven killed those children.”

Sadly, some people act upon this theology.

If this woman was an atheist, she very likely would not have killed her children. It was only her belief that they’d go “somewhere better” that let her smother them. Of course, it is possible she was mentally ill & might have killed them to “save them from a pointless life”, but since I’ve never heard of such a case, that’s highly unlikely. Especially since this is not an isolated case. There are far too many similar cases.

When people say we should “respect everyone’s beliefs”, I think about cases like this. Should we respect her belief that killing her children was the best way to protect her kids? If you answer yes, then please seek professional help.

It’s undoubtedly true that religious belief leads people to commit horrendous atrocities they otherwise wouldn’t have done.

A don’t try to respond with Stalin, Mao & Pol Pot. If you try to blame atheism for them, I get to blame all of theism for ISIS.

Let me be clear, I’m not blaming theism for this. I’m blaming the specific belief that Heaven exists. It just so happens that most theistic ideologies have some variation of that belief.

Without that belief, two children would still be alive. My heart breaks when I think about cases like this.

I can’t even end this with my normal satirical comment. This is too serious.


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