Threshold of Proof

Note: This was originally published on my blogspot blog on November 9, 2014.

Different people obviously have different thresholds for what they consider “proof”; let’s call that our “Threshold of Proof” or ToP because I’m lazy & don’t want to type it over & over. To me, Evidence is what leads to proof. Some people require multiple pieces of evidence to consider something proven while others require little to no evidence to claim proof.

Where am I going with this? Stick with me.

Now let’s presume God is real…just for the sake of argument.

Now if, as is claimed, God made us as we are, then God instilled in each of us a different ToP. He also, as is claimed, is omniscient, which means he knows exactly what each person’s ToP is, but it also makes sense that since He instilled that ToP in us, he should know what it is.

Then let’s point out that, as is claimed, God is Omnipotent. Meaning he is fully capable of doing anything…including providing the evidence needed to satisfy each person’s ToP.

Last, let’s note that God is, as is claimed, Omni-benevolent or All-Loving. One would presume then, he has no desire for anyone to go to hell and, as is claimed, the way to avoid hell is to believe in & love God (For now, let’s ignore the contradiction of an All-Loving God setting conditions for his love). This leads one to assume God would have a desire to provide the evidence required to satisfy each person’s ToP.

Let’s summarize all that:

  • He instilled in each of us an individual ToP.
  • He knows what will satisfy everyone’s ToP.
  • He is capable of satisfying everyone’s ToP.
  • He wants to satisfy everyone’s ToP.

So, supposing God is real, He has obviously provided enough evidence to satisfy some people’s ToP since they believe God exists. To others, this evidence is not convincing & doesn’t meet their ToP so they don’t believe God exists.

This then forces the question…Why does God not provide the evidence needed to satisfy everyone’s ToP? Why does he only provide what is needed to satisfy those with the weakest ToP? Somehow those people are then expected to convince the people with a deep ToP (instilled in them by God, remember) that God does in fact exist.


  1. God isn’t Omniscient, or
  2. God isn’t Omnipotent, or
  3. God isn’t Omni-benevolent, or
  4. All of the Above, or
  5. God works in mysterious ways… don’t question Him, or
  6. God doesn’t exist

I go with # 6, but then, I have a different Threshold of Proof than some of you.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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