The many faces of Yahweh

Throughout history, the gods’ men have invented have always matched the culture they came from and looked like the people of that culture (some exceptions apply). Often cultures would adopt & modify the Gods from neighboring or conquered cultures so they better reflect their own culture and then amalgamate them into one of their own gods or add them to their pantheon. This allowed them to integrate a culture into their own in a way that made them less likely to revolt.

This is how Yahweh came to be the Supreme Creator God. The Jews took El, the Supreme God of the Canaanite pantheon, and combined him with their god, Yahweh. Christians used this tactic to subdue pagans by mixing their pagan gods, themes, iconography and holidays into their own. The point is, cultures do not come from or develop as a result of a god’s influence, Gods change and develop from cultural influences.

As noted, the Jewish Yahweh resembles the Bronze Age Semitic culture he came from, but 1st Century Christians, with  Paul at the head of this, changed him to suit Roman gentile culture. Other early Christians had their own versions as well. Mohammad later took Yahweh & changed him to reflect the Arabic tribes he came from, after that, others further changed him creating new sects of Muslims. M

In modern times, too many people in the Bible Belt of the Southern US, Yahweh is a white, gun loving, uber-capitalist. However, in New York, Christian Hipsters have changed Yahweh into a homosexual loving, progressive liberal. Some Christians simply say, “God(Yahweh) is Love”, to match their own altruistic view that love is the greatest thing possible.
There are now over 44,000 religious denominations that worship Yahweh in some form. Tens of Thousands of these groups use the same label to describe themselves even though they hold beliefs about Yahweh that are diametrically opposed to each other. Realistically, each of these groups, regardless if they share a label, represent a different religion, and each one sincerely believes their version of Yahweh is the true one.

If you’re able to step back and view this objectively, the ridiculousness should be obvious. They can’t all be right, and it’s absurd to think Yahweh, if he exists, would be fine with humans killing each other over whose definition is right. The only logical conclusion is that none of them are right and Yahweh is simply a Bronze Age mythological character.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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