God is love?

Love is just a biochemical reaction in our brains.

Love didn’t create the universe, the Universe created love as an evolutionary survival trait.

Love can’t die on a Cross. Well, the biochemical reaction can stop, but you know what I mean. Fucking pedants.

Love can’t harden a Pharaoh’s heart, although a lost love might.

Love can’t get defeated by Iron Chariots. Imagine that? “Sorry, I can’t love them, they have Iron Chariots.”

Love won’t torture you for eternity for loving someone that’s the same gender. Why would love hate love?

Love might make you masturbate, but it won’t punish you for it.

Love doesn’t care if you wear mixed fibers or cut your hair.

Love doesn’t give instructions on how to beat a slave, Love tells the slave, “Go. You’re free.”

Love doesn’t stand by and watch children get hurt.

Love doesn’t give a rats ass about your foreskin, y’all can stop chopping it off.

Love won’t kick a child out of its house for being gay, atheist, or transgender.

Love could never Flood the earth, not literally, but I could hope it could metaphorically and bring peace to all.

Love doesn’t put men above women.

Love doesn’t think a woman that gives birth to a girl is unclean.

Love wouldn’t tear down a tower to stop its children from reaching it.

Love wouldn’t scramble the languages of men knowing it would cause death & strife.

Love wouldn’t command genocide.

Let me repeat that, Love wouldn’t command genocide.

If God is Love, then God isn’t Yahweh of the Bible.

Until next time keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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