The Root cause of my atheism

Note: This was originally published to my Blogspot blog on July 18, 2014.

Here is a collection of tweets I sent out today (July 18, 2014). I wanted to collect them because I thought they were pretty good & so did others.

The sheer number & variety of religious claims, all with equally devout believers, was the root cause of my #atheism.

As I learned more & more about the various faiths, I always had more questions than they had answers.

It quickly became apparent that all religions were inventions of the fragile human psyche trying to make sense of a senseless world.

My expectations are that an omnipotent deity would be able to provide a consistent message to the various tribes of early humans.

Instead, we have fractured myths that always match the local customs, values & moral stance. All which change over time.

Gods almost always look like their creators (Hindu & Egyptian gods are notable exceptions) & they always act like their creators.

Then you dive into the fractured sects of a single religion and the fact can’t even agree amongst themselves. Wow!

There is definitely evidence for a creator…a creator of religions & that creator’s name is Mankind. No, not the Pro-wrestler.

Notice I haven’t even touched on science yet? You don’t need science to disbelieve in gods.

However, understanding a few basic scientific facts, to me, makes the case against gods pretty airtight.

You ask me why I don’t believe in your god? I ask you why you don’t believe in that other persons god? I’m only 0.03% more atheist than most

I know it’s a cliche in the #atheist community now, there is a reason this “atheist trope” gets used so much.

It’s a valid point that can be made in a civil manner & applies to any & every theist.

Fin. (Maybe)

Nope…I had more…

Magic/supernatural explanations have never, ever, let me repeat that louder, NEVER, EVER replaced a scientific one.

On the flip side, how many times has science disproven a magical or supernatural explanation? I’ve lost count.

Wisdom spent did today.

Until next time, keep drinking the Kool-aid.

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